PE “Plant of the Carpathians” was founded on 29 May 2003 in town Stryi, Lviv region, the Carpathian area. The main activity of the company is the production of nutritional supplements on medicinal herbs, hygienic and cosmetic products.

The Carpathians are an excellent source of high-altitude wild plants and fruits. PE “Plant of the Carpathians”, having implemented the idea of the production of environmentally friendly products in the region, took place of the first official manufacturer in this field.

In large part, in the process of work a major role played a vast experience of local healers for the treatment of people with herbs, phytotherapeutists and scientists. A significant part of the pristine recipes preserved up to the present time. Moreover, the company continues to develop and carry out basic research.

At the same time there gain expertise young professionals: physicians, biologists and biochemists. One of the main advantages of PE “Plant of the Carpathians” is that the company not only undertakes the production but also the collection of raw material. In addition, PE “Plant of the Carpathians” is able to control the work process from the collection of herbs, and ending with the final packaging of the preparation.

The main purpose of the enterprise is to improve the Ukrainian consumers’ health by producing effective phytoagents and hygienic and cosmetic products.